About Us

Our mission is to promote emotional and spiritual well-being among individuals affected by cancer and other illness through the creative arts.

From founder, Constanza Aileen Roeder:

When I was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 13 I felt powerless, angry, and terrified. Thanks to 2 and-a-half years of chemo, I have been cancer free for 13 years. But, I found that my inner emotional and spiritual journey was for more difficult, and treacherous.

Thankfully, I had the arts. Music, writing, and visual arts helped me express thoughts and emotions that where hard to put into words, lowered my stress and anxiety, and helped me find meaning in my experiences.

A few years ago, I started volunteering at the cancer ward at a local hospital. I was overwhelmed by the need for a more enriched healing environment. I thought, “I’m a singer. I’ll start singing for patients.” The response was incredible. Patients often cry in relief and gratitude. I feel like I’m in a land of famine as I watch these starving people devour this small piece of bread I have to offer.  But the need is great and I only have so much bread.

You can help feed the hearts of these patients. Your investment will bring the creative arts to those effected by cancer and other serious illness. Programs include zentangle art classes which lower stress and anxiety, mini-concerts by local musicians on the cancer ward, and others.

Your contribution will not take away these patient’s cancer, but it can needed provisions for their journey.

Hearts need art. Together we can empower artist to transform the cancer ward from dark and depressing to a place of hope and transformation.

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If you are an artist or someone who would like to volunteer, please see our application pages.