Bedside Music Program

The delivery of bedside music relieves distress caused by the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other serious illness.

Based on years of experience providing music in a hospital setting, Constanza Roeder, the founder of Hearts Need Art, sings and plays piano for patients and trains other musicians as they join the team.

Live music creates a peaceful space in the stressful experience of illness. Music shifts focus away from illness and helps humanize sterile healthcare settings. Patients report feeling encouraged, uplifted, inspired and relaxed after a bedside music session. Effects can even last for hours to weeks after.

Maya is one of our newest trainees. At only 13, she has a big heart to encourage patients with music.

Hearts Need Art specially trains musicians to successfully navigate work with patients in a hospital setting.

Currently, services are offered at Main Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, TX on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  Patients are referred to the Hearts Need Art musician by oncology social workers, doctors, nurses and palliative care staff.


If you are interested in requesting bedside music, please use the form below.

Note: Hearts Need Art keeps patient information private. However, we cannot gauruntee the security of our servers. If you submit protected patient health information you acknowledge that you understand the risk.